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Are you relocating to Calgary and dreaming of a home that perfectly mirrors your unique style and needs, even before you step through the door? At Paven Design, we specialize in delivering a seamless and transformative design experience tailored for families moving from afar. 

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  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation Understanding your vision, style preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs Assessing existing furniture and décor for potential integration.
  • Detailed Design Plan Tailored design concepts to match your family’s style and preferences. Detailed space planning, layout optimization, and storage solutions
  • Remote Design Services Virtual consultations and constant communication to ensure your vision is realized. Digital sharing of design concepts, mood boards, and progress updates.
  • New Furniture Procurement Sourcing and purchasing new furniture and decor to complement the design plan Coordinating delivery and installation of all new items.
  • Turn Key Setup Full setup and organization of your new home. Unpacking and arranging belongings to create a ready-to-enjoy space
  • On-Site Project Oversight Managing and overseeing renovations or new construction projects. Acting as your representative to ensure execution.
  • Coordination with Vendors Engaging with trades and vendors.
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The FAQ's

Our luxury relocation service includes everything from personalized interior design and new furniture procurement to full setup of your new home. We handle all details, including coordinating with trusted vendors, unpacking, organizing, and overseeing any necessary renovations or construction.

Through virtual consultations, detailed design plans, and constant communication. We use digital tools to share design concepts, gather your feedback, and ensure your vision is brought to life, even from a distance.

Yes, we can incorporate your existing furniture into the new design if it aligns with your vision and the overall aesthetic of your new home. We assess each piece and discuss its integration to ensure a cohesive and personalized space.

We can provide strategies and support for temporary living arrangements, ensuring your comfort while your new home is being prepared. We can assist with finding suitable temporary housing and managing the transition.

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