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The Best Nursery Room Layout

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Creating the perfect nursery layout although very exciting, can also end up being daunting. You want to make sure you’re utilizing the space efficiently and setting up the space for proper sleep routines while ensuring the space is functional yet beautiful. Today, I’m sharing some tips based on questions I’ve had other clients ask.

The Perfect Spot for the Crib

While it can be tempting to place a crib right near a window, I generally advise against it, unless you have no other option. This is for a few reasons. First, you want to ensure you’re able to keep the light out when needed and also want to ensure you’re keeping the temperature regulated. This is where black out drapes come in handy. In the cooler months, you also have to think about whether the window lets in any drafts. If layout allows, I like to place cribs on a wall adjacent to the window wall. 

The second thing to think about is visibility into the crib. You want to be able to see it from the hall or doorway if possible. This makes it much easier to check on your baby without distributing them.

Optimal Placement of the Chair

Having a comfortable chair near the crib is essential for those nighttime feedings and soothing sessions. Position it close enough to reach the crib easily, but also take advantage of natural light during the day for reading or bonding. This setup ensures both convenience and comfort.

You likely are going to be spending a good amount of time in this chair, so I suggest having everything you think you’ll need. When I’m designing the space. I like to have multiple lamps, a good quality slider, throw blankets, and a nice side table with enough space. Baskets are also handy to have nearby.

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Space for Play

Designating a Play Area:

A well-planned nursery includes a safe, open space for the baby to play and explore. Soft flooring options, like a rug or foam mats, can create a comfortable play area. This space should be free from hazards and easily accessible.

Multi-functional Space:

Incorporating storage solutions for toys and playthings is so important in this space. Baskets, bins, or shelves can keep the area organized and ensure that toys are within reach but tidily stored when not in use.

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Placement of the Change Table

Convenience and Accessibility:

Position the change table near storage for diapers, wipes, and clothing. This setup allows for quick and easy diaper changes without leaving the baby unattended. Keeping everything within arm’s reach ensures efficiency and safety. I also like to place change tables on a wall separate from the crib so that visually the room doesn’t look too “heavy”. 

Safety Considerations:

Ensure the change table is secure and stable, potentially anchoring it to the wall. Keeping necessary items within reach but out of the baby’s reach prevents accidents and makes the changing process smoother.

Creating a Reading Nook

Space for Books:

Bookshelves or storage bins at a low height are perfect for easy access. This encourages early literacy by allowing your baby to explore books independently. Incorporating a comfortable chair or cushion in this area makes it a perfect spot for reading together.

Encouraging Early Literacy:

Reading to your baby is crucial for their development. Having a variety of books available in a dedicated nook fosters a love for reading and provides a quiet, cozy space for bonding.

Some "Don't's When it Comes to Layouts

  • Avoiding Direct Sunlight on the Crib: Direct sunlight can overheat the baby and cause sunburn, so position the crib away from direct light.
  • Keeping the Room Clutter-Free: Overcrowding with furniture and toys can create safety hazards. Maintain a clutter-free space to ensure a safe environment.
  • Avoiding Hazardous Decorations: Heavy or sharp objects above the crib can be dangerous. Opt for lightweight, secure decorations.
  • Ensuring Proper Ventilation: Place the crib away from windows or air vents to prevent drafts and ensure proper ventilation.
  • Electrical Safety: Keep cords, outlets, and electronic devices out of reach to prevent accidents.

A well-thought-out nursery layout is key to creating a safe, comfortable, and functional space for your baby. By positioning the crib for optimal visibility, placing a comfortable chair nearby, ensuring a safe play area, organizing a convenient change table, and fostering a love for reading with a dedicated nook, you can create an ideal environment for your little one. 

If you are still looking for help with designing your dream nursery, reach out to us today!

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